All About Anime Blvd (short for boulevard)


Authentic Products

We are a U.S base company with superior customer service and community support. We only sell 100% Authentic and Licensed products focused primarily on Japanese pop, Anime & Manga culture products We do not carry or sell any type of bootlegged or counterfeit products in our store. Also we verify and guarantee all of our items before stocking, selling and shipping for authenticity, so all of our customers can feel safe and secure about their purchases.

Now, about us!

We at Anime Blvd are dedicated bunches of nerds, geeks, convention goers, cosplayers and Anime, Manga lovers! We love all things that are cute, fun, and especially Japanese! Our goal is to spread the Otaku culture throughout world, one cute figure and toy at a time. You will see us at many cons and gatherings; and we are always looking for new friends, partners and like minded people. If you see us, you are more than welcome to stop us to say hello, we might even have a present for you!

Our not important background story...

We are a relatively small company but have a huge appetite for all things Japanese. We operate mainly online through eBay, Amazon and also at different west coast conventions and gatherings and offer HUGE discounts, so come find us! We also do maintain a few temporary mall and shopping center kiosks throughout the local areas, so don't be surprise that our teams are everywhere!

Our Feedbacks...

In addition to our online store, we sell on eBay and Amazon with 100% Feedback Rating! Please read our feedbacks and you can trust us to be your preferred place to shop for Japanese and Anime goods!

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order or our services, please let us know and we will promptly reply within 24 hours or less.

eco friendly shipping

We are very echo friendly and fully digital! Meaning We limit the amount of paper usage throughout the company to bring you extra savings! Yes! We try to be cheap!

We receive and send out hundreds of packages and we reuse as many of our boxes and materials as possible. So, do not be surprise that your shipment might come in a fully marked box by one of the manufacture or even from Amazon, eBay and other companies!

Also we do not include invoice papers in our packages. This saves a lots of trees and saves the extra weight in your packages! We invoice everything digitally, so if you ever want to have an actual invoice, you can either log into your account (if you created one) or just email one of our customer service representative and we will gladly send you a digital invoice in PDF format.

If you have any further questions, comments, or would like to say hi, please contact us through our Contact Form

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