Star Wars C-3PO Funko Pop! #12 Animation Action Figure Vinyl Series

Funko Pop Authentic
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The perfect addition to your Funko collection this official Funko Pop! Star Wars C-3PO figure is packed with cool detail. Series 13 this Star Wars figure is made with the official Funko vinyl material. This Funko Pop! bobblehead figure showcases the fictional character featured across the Star Wars series, a protocol droid designed to serve humans, C-3PO is trained in etiquette and translation. Seen here with his classic bronze coloured components and exposed wired mid waist, C-3PO is known for his jittery or doddery walk and movements. This Funko Pop! Star Wars C-3PO figure measures 3.3/4 inches and is presented in a widow box packaging.
More Information
Scale non scale
Release Date N/A
Sculptor unknown
Product Line Others
Series Star Wars
Size 4" Inches Tall
Material Soft Vinyl
Manufacturer Funko
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