Secure Shopping Experience

At Anime Blvd, we know it's important that you have the same confidence when you use your credit card online as you do when you go outside shopping. Therefore we have in place a secure shopping experience which help protect you against unauthorized charges on your credit card when shopping at Anime Blvd. We use an industry-leading SSL software from AlphaSSL and Norton Site Security secured with a G5 Certificate with 256-bit data encryption to protect all of our online transactions. All of our information has a 256-bit site encryption throughout our servers.

As an added security, we do not retain any credit card information. Once a credit card information (credit card number, expiration, etc.) is used, we securely discarded that immediately after use. Nor do we store permanent records of your credit card information or personal data relating to your credit card information. While some sites record this information for your convenience, we value the security of your credit card information first and foremost, and have taken all possible measures to ensure your information is protected

If at anytime you do not feel comfortable shopping online at Anime Blvd, or have additional questions, you maybe call a customer service representative at 714-987-2482, and they will be glad to assist you over the phone.

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